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eljay smut day, olay!
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lj smut day

This all started in May 2008 when a bunch of us mysteriously posted UNEXPECTED SMUT on the same day. We decided this was a Good Thing and resolved to make an institution of it. Welcome to our enterprise: the monthly LJ Smut Day Challenge. We'll be your mods: kassie_opia, lemiru and miarr.

Here's how it works: once a month, between the 16th and 21st, we all celebrate LJ Smut Day, by, well, posting smut. (Yes, okay, it is called a day, but verily it is nearly a week, in order to provide maximum quantities of smut and to prevent angst and stress.)

To help keep the ideas flowing, each month a new theme will be chosen by the mods. Participants will have three weeks or so to work on their submission(s), six days (16th-21st) to post, then a new theme will be chosen before the end of the month and the cycle begins again. Easy, right?

community rules

⊗ All fanworks are welcome, be they art, fic, vid, sock puppet improvisations or otherwise. We are indiscriminately indiscriminate; everything smut-related will be welcomed. So, in our sole frequently-asked-question thus far: YES, THAT MEANS WRITING IS ALLOWED. We tend to get mostly art because there seem to be fewer friendly places around LJ to post smutty art, but all media are equally welcomed.

⊗ Same applies to fandoms and pairings, no matter how tiny, unpopular or bizarre. Everyone deserves some lovin’. Use the opportunity to pimp your favorite obscure fandoms in a way nobody will be able to resist!

⊗ Het, slash, femslash or whatever else you can think of—all fair game. RPF/S is fine too, but in good taste, ‘kay?

⊗ It’s pretty damn obvious, but no bashing or hating is allowed. If something’s not to your tastes, just don’t comment on it. This applies to everything from fanwork quality to content.

⊗ LJ-cut for large/NSFW things please. To find out how, click here.

⊗ Original characters are good too! Just give us a little explanation of who they are, as well.

⊗ This is supposed to be as low-stress a challenge as possible. You can participate religiously ever month, throw in the occasional submission, or just watch and cheer from the sidelines. IT IS UP TO YOU.

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